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Fro. Interpreter training & client solutions. Is here to help the interpreter community to growth. Offering high quality training, one on one coaching and much more. Please see below for prices.

How it works:

The new interpreter and experienced interpreter program is an interactive. Skills-based program for spoken and sign language interpreters. It is also the most up-to-date program in the field. The sessions ground you in what you need to know to work as a professional interpreter.

The focus in on medical, school and government or none profit services settings. Medical interpreters should also sign up for our one-day workshop, Medical Terminology for interpreters. Please email if you are interested.

The Program:

The new interpreter experience program is a comprehensive 40-hours certificate program. It provide the perquisite for national medical interpreting certification.



• An overview of medical and community interpreting today
• National ethics
How to assess your performance



• Basic protocols (such as positioning)
• Message transfer skills ( How to interpret)
• Memory Skill and note taking



• How to make decisions
• Intervention skills
• The Strategic Mediation Model
• Cultural mediation



• Who are you? Where do you fit in?
• Professional practice
• Introduction to legal interpreting
• Terminology



• Managing your role
• Advocacy
• National standards of practice
• Self-care and professional development

Training service for bilingual staff

We provide training for bilingual employees who wish to obtain their 40-hour certificate.

Trainings are also offered for employees in charge to work with an interpreter. What is your role, how you should communicate and what to expect from a professionally trained interpreter.

In-person interpretation service in a variety of languages and dialects

Fro interpreters offers its interpretation services in person in a variety of languages; our prices are competitive and our interpreters have the appropriate experience and certification for clients to obtain an accurate and professional interpretation.

Translation service

We offer a variety of languages ​​to translate your documents. We work with professional and trained translators in each area of ​​the required document.

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Should you have any questions please email us at

“The new interpreter experience”

1- One on one Q&A session (30mins)
2- Support to build your resume.
3- Guide students on how and where to apply to start their career path.
4- 40hrs training programs with live or in person one on one coaching and Q&A sessions as needed.
Please contact us for prices details.

“The experienced interpreter journey” 

1- Online training
2- One time Q&A session (30mins max)
Please contact us for prices details.

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